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Corporate Clients

ROOT Development works with corporate clients to ensure that real estate dealings serve the corporation's business purpose and bottom line, as well as enhance the company's creative identity. Entitlement approvals, community relations, aesthetic decisions, and other development skills are crucial for a successful project, but are often beyond the everyday abilities of a corporate entity. Given the boutique nature of our firm, ROOT Development is easily integrated into the corporate team structure as an independent contractor. Corporate executives in charge of real estate transactions have full-time, direct contract with our principals throughout the course of the project.


Project design is one of the primary drivers of a sensational real estate development. As project designers, architects are partially equipped to develop their own projects. ROOT Development provides architects with the other necessary tools to be successful. We can be involved from the onset with helping to define the conceptual framework of a project to the realization of its final outcome. Our company takes great pleasure in working with the architect-developer model. As an architect-developer, the client has the ability to be creative while fully understanding the financial ramifications of each design decision. The result is innovative, cost-effective, and, therefore, sustainable design.


Private Owners

The Los Angeles metropolis is full of creative, resourceful landowners who have the means and ability to build positive development in our neighborhoods. ROOT Development can provide the full-service development assistance from ideation to construction. Services are specifically tailored to your needs, with an initial consultation at no charge.

Client List:

• Urban Outfitters, Inc.™
• 2nd + PCH
• Sunset Plaza, LLC
• Q.3, LLC
• Atwater Commons, LLC
• CGR Development
• Colby Mayes, Inc.
• Ania Lejman Design
• AdamWheelerDesign, Corp.