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When we consult for your business, we have your success in mind. ROOT Development provides comprehensive real estate development and design services that are tailored to improve your establishment's overall brand and image.


With respect to land use, the Los Angeles County area is the most highly regulated in the United States. Whether building a high-rise condominium project, obtaining a Type 47 liquor license, or subdividing your own land, there is a corresponding city process that requires skillful navigation. ROOT Development handles these processes for you with efficiency and determination. More importantly, our Long Beach, California, firm also coordinates the entitlement process with other necessary parties, including city officials, neighborhood groups, owners, architects, and contractors.

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Community Relations

In the past, real estate developers have been able to disregard community member sentiment. Today, political pressures and instant and virtual communication have made community groups powerful players in the development arena. ROOT Development respects the communities in which it works, and endeavors to create productive relationships and partnerships with the public on each of its projects. As part of our mission, we only work with clients and projects that aim to enhance the existing character of the communities in which the projects are located. Moreover, it is our company's position that community input and communication are vital to the success of any real estate project.

Development Assistance

Whether you run a corporation, are a private owner, or are somewhere in between, ROOT Development can offer support in the development process. Our services include everything from creating complete development plans to resolving complicated parking lot procedures for approval. Oftentimes, our clients have started the development process on their own or with their architect, but have encountered problems. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any step of your development project. Our development planning includes:

• Feasibility Analysis • Financial Modeling • Design Schematics
• Community Relations • Entitlement Services • Hearing Presentations